#1 e-commerce platform selling high-end cheese in China

Context before April 2016 :

  • No high-end cheese available in China, only industrial and expensive cheese distributed by large food retailers.
  • No e-shop specialized in high-end cheese
  • No information available about different kinds of cheese for Chinese customers

Solution : Cheese Republic, the first e-shop specialized in cheese in China, was born !

Our marketing strategy

  • Creation of a mysterious "fake leader" called the Governor of Cheese Republic.
  • Logo referring to French Revolution : French people like to complain and go on strike. We need to reply to this anger!
  • Essentially targeting French people living in China : French language, French cheese, French humor.
  • 100% mobile based strategy in line with Chinese way of life.

WeChat launch results

followers in 24 hours
supportive messages
orders per year

2016 : First steps of Cheese Republic

  • 9 April : Official launch
  • 10 April : 30 kg of cheese sold out in 1h30
  • 20 April : Official launch of the e-shop selling high-end cheese in Shanghai
  • September : Delivery area extended to all mainland China

2017 : Expansion of Cheese Republic

  • March : First cheese party
  • July : E-shop in English and Chinese
  • September : Soft cheese ban in China during one month
  • December : 200 participants attending the "Raclette party" in Shanghai


  • May : First event in Suzhou
  • June : First event in Shenzhen

Today, Cheese Republic is the first e-shop selling cheese
all over China with more than 60 different SKU!

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